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8 January 2011


David Hockney's years living in Los Angeles clearly influenced his work. He began using acrylic paint and produced some wonderful paintings that really evoke summer.

Portrait of Nick Wilder
acrylic on canvas / 1966

Beverly Hills Housewife
acrylic on 2 canvas / 1966

A Lawn Being Sprinkled
acrylic on canvas / 1967

A Bigger Splash
acrylic on canvas / 1967

I admire Hockney's willingness to experiment with a wide range of mediums and techniques,
and of course I've always loved his personal style.

David Hockney 1976
Photographer: Robert Mapplethorpe

"Style is something you can use, and you can be like a magpie, just taking what you want. The idea of the rigid style seemed to me then something you needn't concern yourself with, it would trap you." - David Hockney

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