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31 October 2010

24 October 2010

Little Folk

Amanda Blake does little block paintings of imaginary people (and real people if you ask her to).
Great colours and patterns and personality. I love them!

oil painting on wood / 2009
oil painting on wood / 2008

oil painting on wood / 2010
oil painting on wood / 2008
More paintings and prints are available in her online shop

16 October 2010

The Paper Garden

Artist and writer Mary Delany (1700 - 1788) created "Paper Mosaiks" in her later life. There is an astounding collection of nearly 1000 flower Mosaiks in the British Museum; collages of coloured papers, with watercolour,
on black ink backgrounds. All exceptionally detailed and botanically accurate!

Pyrus Communis; Common Pear / 1778

Tropoeolum Majus (Octandria Monogynia); Indian Nasturtium / 1775

Magnolia Grandiflora (Polyandria Polygynia); the Grand Magnolia / 1776

Solanum Dulcamara (Petandria Monogynia); Bitter-sweet / 1775 

 Amaryllis Reginae; Mexican Lily / 1775