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8 August 2010


The lovely Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay has a great eye for what looks good together.
The ongoing Sunday in the City series is a collection of photos she takes around the streets of San Fransisco
on weekends.

Trailer Trash

Picture Postcard


Checkered Past

Mission Beauty

 Some of the Sunday in the City prints are available to buy in her shop


Galit said...

I love Victoria's aesthetics. Haven't visit her SGFIRLBYBAY blog for a while though. Thanks for reminding me! :)

P.S. Just discovered your Etsy shop and found my way here. Love your art and your blog is so inspirational and it is awesome to learn you're also an Adelaidian!
Will come back for more!

The Wallpaper Files said...

Thanks Galit! Love your blog.
I'll definitely be doing some Adelaide related posts soon because there are so many good artists & designers here too:)