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25 July 2010

Little Gems

Kaja Gjedebo is a jewellery designer in Oslo who creates wonderful three dimensional cufflinks, bracelets and pendants. They are made from silver and resin, and contain old stamps, telegrams, tickets, cigar labels, old postcards and other bits of ephemera. Each piece is beautifully unique and she will custom design items with your own pictures and text inside!
Cuff links
silver, resin, stamps, text
Diorama bracelet
silver, resin, Russian stamps, cigar labels

Magical Mystery bracelet
silver, resin, stamps 

Cuff links
silver, resin, 1950s Russian stamp, little diver 

18 July 2010


I love the work of artist and illustrator Treasure Frey.
It's odd, abstract, rainbow coloured and beautiful.

Life of Things
painting / 2010

A Bird Flew Over
gouache painting / 2010

A Token of True Affection
paint, paper and ink collage on old index cards / 2010

All these pieces are available as archival prints from her online shop

12 July 2010

Matchbox Labels

Graphic Designer William Creswell has a very fine collection of Japanese matchbox labels from
the 1920s and 1930s on his flickr site. Below is just a small selection.

6 July 2010

Cutting Flowers

A stunning collaboration between stylist Maria Grossmann and photographer Janne Peters